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Were you aware that Oceana Christian School Alumni are frequently ranked in the highest of their graduating class? Our students consistently stand out among other students due to their strong moral character and high-quality educational foundation.

"Many years ago, when we finally had to decide which school to send our children to, we were referred to OCS by a current parent at that time. Although private schools were not part of our own education, we were nervous about what effect public schools might have on our kids during their formative years. We asked around about OCS and then decided to take the plunge and enroll. Oceana Christian School was the best decision we could have made. We love the truly authentic education each child received, and the traditional values taught and modeled by the faculty and staff. All the kids excelled at Shelby after leaving OCS. (And Joseph graduated #1 in his class!) Incidentally, each child also stood out as remarkable in Faith Formation at St. Gregory. The blessing that has been OCS in our lives is one which will continue to give in the years to come, for a solid Christian foundation cannot easily be taken away or undone." 

-Tim & Sylvia Hayes   ********************************************************************

"We love OCS. It has been a safe, family environment for our four kids to learn, grow and have fun. We value that our kids were each personally known and loved by the staff. We appreciate that both the character and faith they were learning at home were reinforced at school. They were fully prepared for the next level of education both socially and academically. We considered the financial sacrifice to be an investment into their future, and it was worth every penny. We highly recommend OCS!" 

-Ben   ********************************************************************

"Our son attended OCS for two years. During this time his teachers were fully invested in him. They met him where he was at yet challenged him academically and spiritually. He felt safe and loved at school. There is no higher compliment to OCS."   

-Laurie    ********************************************************************

"I sat in several kindergarten classrooms at a handful of public and private schools the year before my daughter was to begin kindergarten. I was disconcerted by the frequency of student off-task behavior and the need for teacher redirection. With such large classes of students who needed intense teacher redirection to academically focus, I didn't see how much academic progress could take place. I thought of my daughter, already excited for learning, and I thought of how frustrating sitting in such a school environment might be for her. I didn't want school to teach her bad behavior or, even worse, to hate school. When I sat in Mrs. Landis's kindergarten classroom at OCS, it was distinctly different. All students were engaged in learning, respectful, and happy. I saw peer-to-peer support, strong literacy practices, and classroom routines that were understood and followed easily by the students. I could see my daughter learning and loving learning in that classroom. On a later tour, my husband reported seeing the same thing in all the classrooms as he walked through. Complete engagement.

We didn't send our children to OCS for religious reasons. In fact, originally I didn't even consider sending my kids to a Christian school for philosophical reasons. However, being a high school teacher myself, sound academic practice and solid learning atmosphere was a priority for me in determining where my children went to school. Additionally, the strength of moral character modeled by staff and students at OCS reassured me that the moral integrity of my own kids would be reinforced and bolstered while they were entrusted to the care of others. The level of student/parent clientele and the value of the instruction at OCS convinced me that it is the best place for my children to learn."  

-Kristine Stariha   ********************************************************************

"When we were thinking about what we value in an education for our children we found that OCS offered everything we were looking for. They treat every child as a unique gift from God, emphasize working every student to reach their highest potential, build moral character and treat your child the way they would want their own children to be treated. All of these values are instilled in the students that are blessed to attend OCS and the students are also expected to treat each other this way!"  

-Martha Jonassen   ********************************************************************

"As I’ve watched my daughter grow into a lovely young woman, I continually thank the Lord for the wisdom and provisions He supplied, in order for her to attend Oceana Christian School. As newly saved parents, we really wanted Molly to have a life-long relationship with the Lord, and be spared the worldly mistakes we made. When Molly AND I were younger, I didn’t realize the amazing impact that OCS was making on her. Of course I loved that she was learning Bible verses, praying, and that a praise song was always on her lips, all of which were helping her to develop a strong relationship with God, but it was so much more than that. I believe, at OCS, her faith and moral character were cemented, as she was encouraged to believe and live by the commands and promises of God. Not to say that she is perfect, because she is not, but she strives to live a life pleasing to The Lord … thank you, OCS!"  

-Rose Anderson   ********************************************************************

A letter to the editor, printed in the Oceana's Hearld-Journal on May 18, 2017

Dear Editor:

It is with a full and overflowing heart that I write this letter. The end of an era has come to our house, as our daughter Tessa is graduating from Hart High School May 25. There are not enough words to say what a blessed experience it has been to call Hart our school home.

Oceana Christian School was truly the incubator for Tessa’s future social and educational life. OCS taught her Biblical, educational and social integrity that cannot be found in any environment but that of Oceana Christian. I now realize how that small school’s impact flows into our community and stocks it with integrity, training, intelligence and leadership. We are deeply grateful for Oceana Christian School and their help in raising Tessa to be a godly and purpose-driven young woman.

Hart High School is a very rare high school, indeed. We are blessed with faculty and students who make headlines for their awards and accomplishments, not for scandal or tragedy. We carpooled and drove each day (sometimes four times a day) to keep Tessa in this community. It was worth every mile and moment. Tessa’s teachers have truly been inspiring, supportive and examples for her to follow. Mr. Taranko is beyond compare in his building Tessa’s love of music, her drive to pursue it, and her family of stellar friends who share that pursuit. Mr. T is legend in his care for his students. He is a beating heart for musical excellence.

No school is perfect, and I’m sure there there are many who feel this way about their schools... but, truth be told, with its fruited plains, asparagus festivals and its humble but mighty school system, Hart, Michigan is the cream of the crop. 

-Ruthann Eilers  ******************************************************************** 

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