At OCS, we desire to create a physically and emotionally safe environment where students are able to learn and grow in their character, faith and education. We have seen OCS consistently graduate students who are committed to doing what is right, who love the Lord, and who are diligent in their studies. We celebrate that we can work together: teachers, families and friends of OCS, to help accomplish this! And as we do this, we are changing the world one student at a time.

Each year there is a financial gap, between what we charge the families and what it costs to run the school. We would like to give you the opportunity to join our ministry by helping to eliminate this gap.  When you invest in students, and partner with families, you are changing their future and our future!

Thank you in advance for your prayer and financial support. Please be assured that we are responsible to God and to you in managing well what is given.

If you wish to give to OCS, please make checks payable to: Oceana Christian School. Checks can be mailed to the attention of the administrator.