Teachers and Staff

Our teachers in grades K-8 are state-licensed professionals who uphold high academic standards and are committed to teaching biblical truth. FBC pastors oversee weekly chapels and teach the daily 7th and 8th grade Bible classes. Our art, music, and P.E. teachers come to us through a shared-time program with North Muskegon Public Schools.


rebecca scott - kindergarten

rebecca scott - kindergarten

Rebecca Scott - Kindergarten

EMAIL ADDRESS:  RScott@OceanaChristianSchool.com


Teaching Experience:  

Favorite thing about OCS:  

Rosie priest - 1st grade

Rosie priest - 1st grade

Rosie Priest - 1st Grade

EMAIL ADDRESS:  RPriest@OceanaChristianSchool.com

Education:  Bachelor of Arts from Grand Rapids Baptist College (Cornerstone University), Language Arts Group Major.  Masters Degree in General Education with an Emphasis on Early Childhood Education.

Teaching Experience:  Taught at Traverse Bay Christian School in Traverse City, MI for one year, 1st and 2nd grade.  Began teaching at OCS in 1993: K - 1st (3 years), 1st (5 years), 1st - 2nd (14 years).

Favorite thing about OCS:  The small class size.  It gives you a nice chance to really know your students one on one.

My favorite thing about teaching at OCS:   The excellent staff we have.  We work well together and encourage one another.

lisa arcello - 2nd and 3rd grades

lisa arcello - 2nd and 3rd grades

Lisa Arcello - 2nd and 3rd Grades

EMAIL ADDRESS:  LArcello@OceanaChristianSchool.com

Education:  Graduated from Cedarville University with a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Teaching Experience:  Taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for missionary kids while their parents were attending language school.  Began teaching at OCS in 2007.  I've taught 2nd/3rd combined, 2nd grade, and 3rd/4th combined.

Favorite thing about OCS:  My favorite thing about OCS is that OCS feels more like a family than just a school.  

What do I like best about teaching at OCS:  I love teaching at OCS because I can teach so much more than "the basics."  While I love challenging my students academically, I especially love that I can freely share the love of Jesus with my students.  

Scott bitely - 4th and 5th  grades

Scott bitely - 4th and 5th grades

Scott Bitely - 4th and 5th Grades

EMAIL ADDRESS:  SBitely@OceanaChristianSchool.com


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Favorite thing about OCS:

What do you like best about teaching at OCS: 

cindy lohman - 7th and 8th grades

cindy lohman - 7th and 8th grades

Cindy Lohman - 7th and 8th Grades

EMAIL ADDRESS:  CLohman@OceanaChristianSchool.com

7th & 8th Grade Classroom Website

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Elementary Distributed Minor, Grand Valley State University.

Teaching Experience:  Four years at North Muskegon MIddle School teaching 6th grade math, 6th grade science, and 7th grade computers - left teaching to be a stay-at-home mom and then subbed several years.  One year teaching (part-time) 2nd grade at New Era Christian and taught Language Arts and Math.  Left New Era Christian for a full-time job at OCS in 2007.  The first four years I taught 4th grade then moved up to middle school.

Favorite thing about OCS:  I love the safe environment for the students.  Classmates are kind and supportive of one another.  I have seen several students bullied at other schools, arrive at OCS, and really blossom.

Favorite thing about teaching at OCS:  I do not have to leave my values at the door.  We teach the truth here.  I love that the students are hearing the true history of the United States and learning about creationism and evolution.

Jean Riley - Administrator

Mark Looman - Bible Teacher (and Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church)

Ryan VanderZwaag - Bible Teacher (and Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church)